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Mar. 13th, 2008



I've worked.
I don't know if I ever worked so hard before in my life.
The first examn of my graduation is done.
The next ones will be in April and June, but first I have to sleep and eat and meet friends.
It's like I'm back from a long holiday trip.
Still crazy about Supernatural and the guys.
Still addicted to fandoms and other ones like me.
I'm very sorry about Samantha Ferris not returning on Supernatural. She was planned to be in the sixteenth Episode of Season three, but she mentioned that there seemed to be no way to come to an arrangement cause the offer was not makeable. I understand her but still think it's a huge loss for the show. Like Jo before. Now there are no Harvelles left, but I'm a crazy fangirl so my hope will die at last.
Nothing more of my bubbling now.
Just wanted to update for some reason. So yeah here I am.
Fans should check out the campaign "Are you watching Supernatural?"
It's really great. There is a userchannel on Youtube under this name who has all the vids made by the two girls and there is a homepage, but it has not all vids on it. So check it out:

Dec. 26th, 2007


Christmas Carol Coda

This years christmas was so much better than the past years. On Christmas Eve it was simply my birthday. Yey I'm 19 Yehuu. Three days full of family, presents and eating. We even managed to barley fight with each other and my sister spent the night. That was nice and reminded us of the days we lived together. some things you know, but you just really remember them, when something happens. A colour, a smell, a word, a picture. You know what I mean.
my friends are the best. The presents they got me were amazing. and so personel and creativ. I really did not deserve that, cause I'm really bad with presents myself.
So a late Merry Christmas to all and myself. (I wished it would have snowed)

Nov. 21st, 2007


Welcome To My life

Now I got a livejournal account and I really don't know what to do with it. yesses!
But I'm a clever kid so eventually I'll figure it out. XD~
Actually I should sit in my room and learn everything about Brahms and Requien what there is to learn.
But my beloved Laptop managed it once again to  keep me in place ^__^
 Sometimes I think I should become a loner. Because all that birthdays almost every week are driving me crazy.
I'm so bad with presents. Really.
It's so vecky. I always want to make the BEST present ever. And if I can't do that I don't give anything away. XD~
and than I'm disappointed of myself. Even if the people don't care. I care. Yeah and then I'm in a bad mood.
Really! Stop that birthday-thing. (by the way...I love parties and presents and good food. The only thing I don't like is the imaginary pressure. Huh? What a party!)

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