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So this episode of Merlin was really ....weird.

It wasn’t that this episode felt like a filler- which it didn’t, I just had expected it to- but that throughout the whole episode, I wasn’t quite sure whether I was truly watching Merlin or just something else that looked quite familiar.

I felt as somehow pieces of conversation were missing… which they weren’t but still left me kind of startled for a few seconds and the pace of the episode and scenes were different than usual.

For example the first two Merlin/Arthur-Scenes. Merlin keeps babbling about something, which I am not quite sure of what it was (missing piece of conversation?) and then Arthur tells him to shut up, rushes into the throne room to announce his engagement, than rushes out, followed by Merlin once again who tries to confront him, they have a really rushed exchange that involves some quick cutting back and forth between their faces and Arthur changing positions quite too often and ends in Arthur threatening Merlin to exile him and suddenly there is a close-up of Merlin who looks startled and the scene was over. WHAT?

The same goes for the scene of them hunting Gwen-a-deer in the woods. They keep running around in the woods, see Gwen, somehow shoot her…miss her…shoot her. We have to suppose that she’s got hit because we don’t actually see or hear it and all along interspersed shots of Merlins confused looking face, sometimes standing right next to Arthur and then quite far away not sure what he is actually seeing.

The episode was obviously used to move the plot along and to push the characters hastily in certain directions to probably have them prepared for the finale.

As in showing that Arthur truly loves Gwen and having him realise that, so that if they bring her back it wont seem completely OOC for him to welcome her back after just having banned her. Also there is probably so much action in the next episodes that there won’t be much time for them.

They also hurried the Gwen/Merlin reunion and the Gwen/Morgana confrontation (we used to be friends…(context?)). On a side note: Angel was absolutely beautiful in this episode and I liked to see Gwen act all independent and BAMF up until the end where the writers decided to NOT have her rush back to Camelot, which she tried to do all episode but to have Merlin accuse Aggravaine -without proof- instead, which makes absolutely no sense. Leading to a quick scene of Merlin accusing Aggravaine again and Arthur not quite believing him, so that the audience knows for sure that when Aggravaines betrayal is revealed (which it will be, since Gaius is right now figuring out what is wrong with that letter), Arthur will know that Merlin told him that all along and an apology is due.

I also thought that Bradley didn’t look to good in this episode… I know Arthur was supposed to be sad and all, but I found that in every scene he, Bradley not Arthur, looked a bit worn-out (but maybe that is just my imagination). I really love that Bradleys acting is getting more and more subtle like Colins with every new episode.

Princess Mithian rocked (and is by now snogging Princess Elena or so I have heard) and the BrugerKingCrown was hilarious.

They also made sure to show us that Morgana does not care at all if anything happens to Aggravaine and that she finally realised that sitting in a shady hut by a fireplace isn’t really upping her street-cred! so they finally let her out. (Beautiful Katie!).

It was also reeeaaally unnecessary to have Arthur threaten Merlin TWICE to have him exiled if he ever opens up his mouth again. Even if it was intended to lead up to the magic reveal and Arthurs maybe harsh reaction it was still uncalled-for.

As for the Merthur: I really liked the scene in the woods when Arhur just looked at Merlin after finding the ring and Merlin just stared back and Mithian couldn’t bring them to acknowledge her at all. Because Arthur knew that Merlin knew what this meant to him. Because Merlin is the person who knows him best. Better than he knows himself… I loved that.

I got that they needed to push the characters in certain directions and move along the plot but it didn’t make the episode feel any less weird to me.

I can’t wait for next week though with the slow-motion-trailer including badass-everyone and all.

I hope they somehow include Killgarrah AND Aithusa. I can’t wait for Excalibur and I KNOW they will end the series on a cliffhanger… I am just not sure what it will be and I don’t dare to make any assumptions regarding the magic-reveal. I won’t survive the hiatus after it anyway…

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Hello! Loved your comments. Regarding Arthur looking to Merlin when he found the ring in the woods; you're the only person I can recall that has mentioned that. I, too, felt it was an important moment. The expression on Arthur's face was so sad. You could see confusion, loss, despair, etc. And he let Merlin see that.
We shall see what 4x12 and 4x13 bring.
Oh yes!! It WAS an important scene. Not only for the Merthur-Shippers out there but for the actual Merlin/Arthur-relationship on the show.
Merlin tried the whole episode to get to Arthur, to make him talk about Gwen, but Arthur refused. And then, when Arthur was so hurt and raw he just looked at Merlin and shared what he felt with him anyway, because he knew he could. Merlin isn't going anywhere even if Arthur tells him to.
I am so glad you saw that too.

And I am highly anticipating and fearing that finale....
Haha... exile-happy...
But yeah... I honestly don't know what that was about, except to make sure that also the part of the audience that didn't get it the first time around was shown that Arthur WOULD exile Merlin even for lesser reasons than being a warlock. That is the only way it makes sense, isn't it?
"I also thought that Bradley didn’t look to good in this episode… I know Arthur was supposed to be sad and all, but I found that in every scene he, Bradley not Arthur, looked a bit worn-out (but maybe that is just my imagination)"
I've understod, that Bradley was actually sick, when they were filming this. I'm not sure if it's true, but somebody in youtube said, that she/he had heard, that Bradley had been in a dentist and it had had some negative effects. Well, you can decide for yourself, if that sounds reliable, (I wouldn't take it as a fact yet =D ) but didn't Bradley cancel some interview earlier, because he was feeling sick? So at least that part of the story is right.

Yeah that is what I heard, too.
All the worrying and speculating about Bradley back in Octobre/Septembre was CRAZY!
Since everyone spent so much time talking about it, I wasn't sure whether I was now seeing it because of it.
But it would actually make a lot of sense. The thing with the dentist and him being actually sick. He did look it. :)

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