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Jan. 16th, 2012


Fic: Do Tell

By: [info]girlsofthenight
Title: Do Tell
Rating/Warnings: None.
Pairing: Colin/Bradley
Summary: Colin talks to Bradley, although Bradley actually is the problem.
Disclaimer: No characters are mine. They are based on real people but this never ever happened. I do not know them and I don't mean to offend anyone. This is pure fiction
Note: This fic was inspired by those beautiful pictures Dale McCready took of the Cast on-set. This one in particular:
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Jan. 8th, 2012


Fic: An Army Of Fortune

By: [info]girlsofthenight
Title: An Army Of Fortune
Rating/Warnings: FLUFF, FLUFF: So none.
Pairing: Colin/Bradley
Summary: Colin, Bradley, Angel and Katie play a particularly stupid version of spin-the-bottle which, de facto, isn't spin the bottle at all.
Disclaimer: No characters are mine. They are based on real people but this never ever happened. I do not know them and I don't mean to offend anyone. This is pure fiction.
Note: This is not betaed but I'd like it to be. If anyone would like to offer their services after reading, I'd appreciate that. Very much so. (My gratitude would know no boundaries, tbh.)

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Dec. 18th, 2011


The Sword In The Stone Part I

The Sword In The Stone: Part I - Quickfire

There was so much happening this episode, all I have to offer is a brainstorm-kind-of review:

I love, love, love Hunith. It is not only that she is an awesome Shipper-Mom, but that she really really loves Merlin and is the only one who is not afraid to show him just HOW much she loves him. How much he means to her.  With everything Merlin has going on in his life, Hunith is always there to love him for everything he is; unconditionally. And Merlin needs that once in a while, because he deserves it.

Finally, finally, finally. I have been ranting about how much I miss the independant roguish Gwaine of Series Three forever (x) and suddenly here he is. He is not afraid, he is honest, he stands up for what he believes is right and he is so so brave. This is the Gwaine that didn’t want to become a knight, the Gwaine that befriended Merlin. The Gwaine that wasn’t afraid to contradict Arthur, when he was wrong. Oh Gwaine. Your hair is also beautiful.

Whoever DOESN’T think about the infamous Tom/Eoin tweets right here is doing something wrong.
I am convinced that he became jealous of Sir Leon and his immortality (which comes in handy while defending all the citizens of Camelot by oneself in some dark woods) and decided to become Sir Percival the Invisible. Makes sense.

Arthur The Simpleton:

It was beyond awesome to see Bradley play something else than Arthur, because, simply, he can. He is an amazing actor and I am really happy about every single time he proves it. It was also hilarious.
Not only for all the Merthur, but also for making the audiences realize that despite being stupid and mean almost ALWAYS Arthur is also really strong and brave and needed and a lot of people depend on him as a leader. Arthur always has a lot decisions to make and he does so willingly without people noticing. It was brilliant. In every aspect.  Also: The Wellis!
New OTP’S: Arthur and the Tree. Arthur and his Goooooold.
And I don’t think I have ever seen Merlin touch Arthur so much. It was as if he suddenly felt comfortable doing it, because Arthur needed him and since he was under a spell it didn’t feel as if Merlin was undermining his authority by doing it. It makes me wonder how often Merlin has to suppress the urge to touch his king.
Also: The way Colin makes Merlin look at Arthur in that one scene with the tree is SO caring. My heart actually ached. The little whistle he gave, the reassuring smile, the gentle arm tugging. Seriously, Colin. … This is too much. I can’t handle it.


 I am going to skip over the first scene. No words necessary.
I loved how Merlin ran through the castle looking for Arthur. I loved how he held him back, when Arthur was confronted with Agravaine’s betrayal. (All the kudos to Bradley in that scene. The look on his face when he was faced with yet another betrayal was absolutely heartbraking. I think, part of it, was also due to Morgana walking around her old home as if it had never been that. Her home. Just wrecking havoc.)
When the smugglers were attacked, Arthur and Merlin fought so completely in sync that they didn’t even notice it. It was beautiful.
The scene at the fireplace was heartwrenching. They were talking as equals, thanks to everything that had happened beforehand and it was a really good conversation. Merlin didn’t hesitate to tell Arthur how he sees him and Arthur was just overwhelmed with love and gratitude towards the most important person in his life in return. Everyone knows how Merlin feels about Arthur except for Arthur and I liked that Merlin told him for a change.
When Arthur questioned why it was that Morgana and Agravaine had betrayed him, what it was about him that made people he cared about hate him, I had to gape and swallow, because I had thought the writers would never address that, but they did and it was a really important thoughtprocess for Arthur. I am so glad they showed that. Arthur in general gave me so many feelings. I love him.


Morgana was finally everything that the writers had  intended her to be. At least that is what I think. I never agreed with the portrayal of Morganas progression to become the big bad villain. I never thought it believable. But it doesn’t matter because Morgana is supposed to be antagonistic and the writers let her be that and it was beautiful. She was cunning and strong. Smart and unforgiving. She was in control. She was seeking revenge. She was NOT lethargically sitting next to a fire and that is why I loved it. I was absolutely fine with her being evil.
Beneath all that rage, anger and fear she carries around like a cloak, she is just really deeply hurt and that was visible in her eyes. And I think that Katie managed to do that is perfect.

Angel is really giving it her all and Bradley just exudes brother-sister-relationship-feelings like there is no tomorrow. It makes me wanna cry.

 I hope everyone respects that that is my opinion and that I don’t mean any harm by it. :)
- I also loved Elyan and chicken-eating Helios. And TRISOLDE. I can’t believe I forgot about them. I had hoped I would love Isolde and I did! BAMF! Hooray!
- The Preview: Morgana-Gwen-Face-Off. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! (Also KILLGARAH & EXCALIBUR!!)
I had really expected to be disappointed in this episode but I really wasn’t and that is an amazing feeling. I was already starting to doubt myself for finding so much to critizise those last episodes. After next week I’ll probably love this episode even more since it is only the first part of a two-parter and it felt exactly like that. Which it was supposed to do. Task accomplished!

Dec. 12th, 2011


So this episode of Merlin was really ....weird.

It wasn’t that this episode felt like a filler- which it didn’t, I just had expected it to- but that throughout the whole episode, I wasn’t quite sure whether I was truly watching Merlin or just something else that looked quite familiar.

I felt as somehow pieces of conversation were missing… which they weren’t but still left me kind of startled for a few seconds and the pace of the episode and scenes were different than usual.

For example the first two Merlin/Arthur-Scenes. Merlin keeps babbling about something, which I am not quite sure of what it was (missing piece of conversation?) and then Arthur tells him to shut up, rushes into the throne room to announce his engagement, than rushes out, followed by Merlin once again who tries to confront him, they have a really rushed exchange that involves some quick cutting back and forth between their faces and Arthur changing positions quite too often and ends in Arthur threatening Merlin to exile him and suddenly there is a close-up of Merlin who looks startled and the scene was over. WHAT?

The same goes for the scene of them hunting Gwen-a-deer in the woods. They keep running around in the woods, see Gwen, somehow shoot her…miss her…shoot her. We have to suppose that she’s got hit because we don’t actually see or hear it and all along interspersed shots of Merlins confused looking face, sometimes standing right next to Arthur and then quite far away not sure what he is actually seeing.

The episode was obviously used to move the plot along and to push the characters hastily in certain directions to probably have them prepared for the finale.

As in showing that Arthur truly loves Gwen and having him realise that, so that if they bring her back it wont seem completely OOC for him to welcome her back after just having banned her. Also there is probably so much action in the next episodes that there won’t be much time for them.

They also hurried the Gwen/Merlin reunion and the Gwen/Morgana confrontation (we used to be friends…(context?)). On a side note: Angel was absolutely beautiful in this episode and I liked to see Gwen act all independent and BAMF up until the end where the writers decided to NOT have her rush back to Camelot, which she tried to do all episode but to have Merlin accuse Aggravaine -without proof- instead, which makes absolutely no sense. Leading to a quick scene of Merlin accusing Aggravaine again and Arthur not quite believing him, so that the audience knows for sure that when Aggravaines betrayal is revealed (which it will be, since Gaius is right now figuring out what is wrong with that letter), Arthur will know that Merlin told him that all along and an apology is due.

I also thought that Bradley didn’t look to good in this episode… I know Arthur was supposed to be sad and all, but I found that in every scene he, Bradley not Arthur, looked a bit worn-out (but maybe that is just my imagination). I really love that Bradleys acting is getting more and more subtle like Colins with every new episode.

Princess Mithian rocked (and is by now snogging Princess Elena or so I have heard) and the BrugerKingCrown was hilarious.

They also made sure to show us that Morgana does not care at all if anything happens to Aggravaine and that she finally realised that sitting in a shady hut by a fireplace isn’t really upping her street-cred! so they finally let her out. (Beautiful Katie!).

It was also reeeaaally unnecessary to have Arthur threaten Merlin TWICE to have him exiled if he ever opens up his mouth again. Even if it was intended to lead up to the magic reveal and Arthurs maybe harsh reaction it was still uncalled-for.

As for the Merthur: I really liked the scene in the woods when Arhur just looked at Merlin after finding the ring and Merlin just stared back and Mithian couldn’t bring them to acknowledge her at all. Because Arthur knew that Merlin knew what this meant to him. Because Merlin is the person who knows him best. Better than he knows himself… I loved that.

I got that they needed to push the characters in certain directions and move along the plot but it didn’t make the episode feel any less weird to me.

I can’t wait for next week though with the slow-motion-trailer including badass-everyone and all.

I hope they somehow include Killgarrah AND Aithusa. I can’t wait for Excalibur and I KNOW they will end the series on a cliffhanger… I am just not sure what it will be and I don’t dare to make any assumptions regarding the magic-reveal. I won’t survive the hiatus after it anyway…

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Dec. 6th, 2011


Calling Bradley had been the absolute right thing to do.

Author’s note: This is something I wanted to write for a long time. Ever since the Colin & Bradley quests, that showed us, that Bradley doesn't need to look at Colin to know what he is trying to say. Well. Almost.
I aslo swore to never write RP-fics, but I just wont regret it.

* * *

Colin hunched his shoulders the way he always did when he was cold. And cold he was, since Germany was icy. Granted, not colder than Ireland or Wales or London, but definitely colder than Australia. Well, maybe he was also shivering due to his lack of sleep, leaving him really tired. Truth was, right now he was not tired, he was bloody exhausted and still he kept walking down some empty street in Heidelberg. For some reason his mind was working overtime and he couldn't manage to shut it down. Therefore walking around had seemed a good enough idea. Without thinking -because, really, he just didn’t have the energy for it right now- he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. After dialling and waiting far too many rings, Colin had to admit that clearly no one was picking up.

“Come on….” he muttered under his breath, not sure where the urge to talk came from after just hours of awesome but energy-sapping interviews. He sighed and then it clicked and he finally heard that voice.

“Cols! What the hack, do you think you are doing?” greeted Bradleys loud voice over the speaker. Colin always found it amusing how Bradley chose to always stress the most unlikely word of a sentence.


“If you intend to tell me that you are in die Deutscheland Colin, you should know that I am well aware of that!”

Colin rolled his eyes. Bradley’s accent was awful.

“What I wanted to know.", added Bradley teasingly. "-to put it in words even a sleep deprived Irish Mr. Morgan will have to understand- was: What are you doing, ringing me, while probably strolling about picking your brain for Merlin knows what reasons, when you should, in fact, be using your rare and precious spare time to get some highly required sleep?”

Colin heard how pleased Bradley was about his Merlin-reference and also he wondered how Bradley knew what he was doing anyway. Colin chuckled. This conversation was going nowhere. Why did he even call Bradley in the first place?

He murmured something indistinct in response.

“That’s just noises, Colin. Again!”

Colin snorted.

“Seriously now, Colin, I won’t have it.” ordered Bradley over the phone and Colin knew, just knew, that he was waving his hands around for emphasis, while saying that. “Get some quality time with your pillow, now. Pronto!”

“Mh-mh.” answered Colin and shortly after added, not so sure exactly why or what for, but did it anyway: „Thanks, Bradley.”

It came out more Irish than he had intended.

Bradley laughed. His stupid, head- back-throwing-laugh, that showed all his ridiculous teeth.

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” was the bemused response he received, “Sure, Cols. Forever and always and that stuff. Now get that sleep you so obviously lack.”

He hung up.

Colin stowed his phone away, pulled hid hoodie over and hurried to get to his hotel room. Suddenly he wanted nothing more than get some sleep. Calling Bradley had been the absolute right thing to do. He wasn’t sure why though.

When his head hit the pillow and his eyes were already sleepily closed it finally dawned on him. He had said only two words during the whole conversation and still it had been exactly that – a conversation. Calling Bradley had been the absolute right thing to do, because, apparently, Bradley didn’t need to hear or see him to know exactly what was going through his mind. Bradley, apparently, was that person. That one person, that got him.
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Jul. 13th, 2010


(no subject)

I write like
J. K. Rowling

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I wish...

Sep. 19th, 2008


Jensen Has A Crush On Jared...

Or at least thats what Jared says.

Buddy TV went on a mission to bring out the fun in our boys(not a hard on I think) and I say they succeeded gracefully. ;)
Jared constantly speaks about Jensen....and well.....Jensen constantly speaks about Jared. Love that!


And Because The Vid From BuddyTV didn't work with me, here a Youtube Link as well (Not Mine)


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Sep. 16th, 2008



 When you see this, post another Supernatural quote in your lj. Let's see how long this can go on for.

Mine is: (or Dean's in that case): I'm gonna stop the big bad wolf. Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said.

Yeah I know. But I loved that scene and have to laugh everytime I see it. Stupid me. He.

Sep. 11th, 2008



SQUEEEEE Fangirl Moment!!!
Just CAN'T believe it.
My sister just happened to stumble over Bryan Greenberg in Kansas yesterday!!
She got a lot of stuff for me signed and talked with him and his manager after visiting one of his concerts. It was all very private and he said he was getting a lot of requests from Germany. So maybe he will visit me soon. Teehee. Just kidding.
For me, living in Berlin, it is, whatever the contrary says, a huuuge experience to meet "stars". Although I never mean to, I always warp into the usual Squeeing Fangirl. Because I always think...."Its to good to be true.."
Yeah I know...Crazy. and absolutely NOT down to earth. Stars are only people like you and me. Yadda. Yadda.
Can't help it. I'm just soooooooooo high right now. Yehee


Season Four Premiere Clips (SPOILER!)

If you love spoilers and haven't seen the clips yet. Go watch them!! MovieWeb has two scenes from the episode Lazarus Rising online. One is very touching and the other one kinda funny. And of course they got Jim, Jared and Jensen. Teehee.


What do you think?

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